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The steps for logging into the GRCC blackboard are outlined below. If you follow the directions, you’ll get there. Remember that you must first make an account before you can log in. You must first make an account to use the GRCC Blackboard.

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Steps to Login to GRCC Blackboard

MyGRCC Portal Login
  • Begin, by clicking on this link: 
  • After clicking this link, you will be taken to a page. Look for the Login to Blackboard option. You’ll be guided to the login page.
  • Now, in the box, type your username.
  • Please enter your password in the later box.
  • After you’ve entered your username and password, click the sign-in button.

Have you Forgotten or Want to Update your GRCC Blackboard Login Password?

GRCC College Login
  • Open this link or.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password and want to recover it, click the Forgot Password button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can use your GRCC blackboard username to reset your password.
  • They will give you a link to reset your password to the email address associated with your GRCC blackboard username.

Have you Forgotten or want to update your GRCC Blackboard Login Username?

Grand Rapids Community College Login

New to GRCC?

Then, enter your GRCC id without the W.

After that, a GRCC window will appear there and enter your first and last name, birth date, student ID, email, and password to set up a student account. And just like that your GRCC student blackboard account is created.

Why should you have a unique username and password to log into your GRCC blackboard account?

GRCC Login
  • The most important explanation is safety, your safety.
  • They have two separate systems in place.
  • Your “company” information is held in the Online Student Center. Your final grades, transcripts, financial records, and personal information are all part of this. Blackboard is mainly used for academic purposes.
  • It functions similarly to an online classroom for your courses, allowing you to access daily information such as your syllabus, task list, teacher contact information, and more.
  • So, due to the above-listed reasons you always try to keep a unique username and password for your GRCC blackboard account.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Setting up your GRCC Account

Grand Rapids Community College Login
  • Please enter your details exactly as they appear on any official GRCC paper (Susan vs. Sue, Rob vs. Robert, etc.). This may be a GRCC Receipt, RaiderCard (student ID card), or another document for students.
  • Your 7-digit Student ID number will be entered without the W.
  • Enter a password of your choosing. Your password must begin with a letter and be at least 5 characters long but no longer than 32 characters.
  • Username is typically your first and last name in lowercase with no spaces. You could have a number at the end of your name if you have a popular name like Mary Smith or James Jones.
  • Always keep this information about GRCC in your mind.

Student Assistance: If the students require any help, they can reach out to the GRCC 

through the following aids:

Email ID: You can send questions and problems related to Technical Support, Problems, and Error Message to or 

Phone: (616) 234-4000

GRCC Student Support for Online Students: 


Q. How do I Connect to my Email from GRCC (GRCC Blackboard)?

First, you need to log in to the email address of the student. After that browse the email. Then, enter full emails (e.g. Next, enter Password and click next to login.

Q. Is GRCC Available Online?

GRCC offers online courses. The majority of your online learning will take place in Blackboard, our online learning environment where you’ll receive assignments from your professor, upload homework, interact with classmates, and much more.

Q. What is the Procedure for Transferring Credits from GRCC?

Students who wish to pass credits obtained at GRCC to another institution should obtain an official transcript from the college. Incoming transfer classes/credits must be evaluated and posted by the receiving institution. Please see the Transfer out of GRCC webpage for more information.

Q. To get into GRCC(GRCC Blackboard), what GPA are you Required to Have?

If you have a minimum 2.5 GPA in high school and college then you can get into GRCC college. All of the following methods must be used to show math proficiency: Over the last five years, SAT Math section score of 25 or higher and ACT Math score of 18 or higher.

Q. At GRCC, How Many Credits do Full-time Entail?

Regardless of the semester, full-time is described as 12 credits.

Q. Is there a Dorm Service at GRCC(GRCC Blackboard)?

No, they don’t. Grand Rapids Community College is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While they do not provide on-campus accommodation. They will help you with listings for non-affiliated tenants in the city.


Make sure you’re following the steps correctly if you’re having trouble signing in to GRCC blackboard. Check that you’ve entered the correct username or email address and that it’s spelled correctly. Make sure you’ve typed in the correct password and that it’s spelled correctly.

If you still have any doubts then contact the GRCC Help Service. They would help you.

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