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Hey! How are you? Welcome to Greetings from us. So, the topic today is going to be about something you might not have heard of, the GTC Banner Login.

From our last posts, any student might be familiar with Blackboard and so we thought to introduce you to Banner. Just find everything about it below in some easy sections. Being a student of an institution requiring banner login, this below article will tell you nearly everything not just about login but also about Support. 

About GTC | Gwinnett Banner Login:

GTC Banner Login
  • GTC stands for Gwinnett Technical College
  • Gwinnett Technical college is a part of Georgia’s Technical College System as well as authorized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 
  • Opened 37 years ago, it is situated in Gwinnett County in Georgia, USA
  • From its establishment in 1984, the college changed its name from Gwinnett area Technical school to the current name. 
  • By the take of time, the college rose its standards by great facilities and added many new programs for students to explore. 
  • Increasing the enrollment rate, the college presently has two campuses in Lawrenceville and Alpharetta
  • The Lawrenceville campus has expanded its boundaries up to 88 acres and the Alpharetta campus rests in 25 acres. 

What is GTC Banner Login? 

GTC banner

Yes, when I had first heard of the term I was not expecting it as a learning GTC portal.

But, to make it moreover clear I’d studied it and hence you can understand GTC Banner in some points as below:

  1. GTC Blackboard Login a web portal. It’s all about learning which is something common to Blackboard. But, it helps you manage all your scholastic records. 
  2. GTC Banner is often claimed to be the platform responsible for your college application submission to graduation data. 
  3. Simply, you can apply for enrollment in any university from here and track the application status. 
  4. You can also collect financial aid information here, submit an application for so, and then check for the status of the application request. 
  5. By searching the class schedule, you can easily look at the current timing of the classes held.
  6. By course catalog, you can search for courses available on GTC Banner and then view course information and the description. 

If you are applying for the GTC banner for admission, also check some other alternatives like the University of Alaska University if you love athletics or arts.

What do you Need For GTC Banner Login? 

Banner GTC login

All you need to log in to your Gwinnett Banner account is something I’ll tell you in this very section. Aren’t you excited? Get yourself excited. It’s going to be quite interesting today. Let’s start. 

1. Enrollment in GTC:

  • Yes, it’s quite mandatory if you’re here for banner login. You can just apply without your enrollment details from GTC. 

2. Data Network and Gadget

  • Yes, a device from which you can log in to your banner account at your convenience. And Internet Connection as well. This is one of the mandatory needs. 

3. Internet Browser

  • A browser that will get you wherever you want. Whether it be banner login or my GTC login. 

4. GTC Blackboard

  • Don’t worry. It’s optional, if you want to study not through the browser then choose the Blackboard Inc application. 

5. Credentials for GTC Login

  • After your enrollment in the GTC, just note your login details might not get lost. 

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How to Complete your GTC Banner Login?

So, banner login is something simple. And it’s explained to be easily executed in the below steps. But before so, you should ensure the above requirements you must fulfill.

So, let’s start the GWINNETT Login now:

Step 1: After rechecking your network, open your phone Browser. 

Step 2: After opening the Browser, just search GTC Banner Login. 

Step 3: Then, you’ll have to select the second-ranked webpage. Link given below:
GTC Banner Login

Step 4: After selecting, it will show an interface which is named Student Accounts. 

Step 5: On the middle page, you’ll find three options Blackboard, student email, and Banner web respectively. 

Step 6: Click on that Banner Web option. 

Gwinnett Technical College

Step 7: There you’ll reach the official banner page for GTC login. Click on the Student Secure Area. You can opt for faculty if you are so. 

GTC Login

Step 8: Here, you will be directed to the original login portal. Read the login information carefully on the page below.

Step 9: Look for your university mail address, the first part of your account excluding characters after @. In the password blank, enter your mail ID password as given by the college. (Your user ID and pin to be entered are most probably your Social Security number and Date of birth(

Step 10: Enter your username and password as allotted by the university. 

GTC Banner Login

Step 11: After rechecking, do hit the Sign in tab. GTC Banner Login Completed. You’ll get to your dashboard after so. 

Benefits Of GTC Banner Login: 

GTC College Login

There’s a long lane of the benefits of login on GTC Banner. But, the main benefits are:

  • – Student Services
  • – Financial Aid
  • – Student Records
  • – Current semester options
  • – Student Accommodations
  • – Students achievement
  • – Complaints policy
  • – Registration for classes
  • – Academic calendar
  • – Request information
  • – Admission requirements
  • – Dual Enrollment
  • – Forms and documents
  • – Accepted students
  • – Orientation data
  • – Application for admissions and tracking of admission status
  • – Course Catalog
  • – Transcript
  • – Student achievement information
  • – Class schedule search
  • – Current catalog view
  • – Advisement Information
  • – Help services

GTC Support | GTC Banner Dashboard Support: 

  1. Feel free by reaching them at 770-962-7580. 
  2. If you make your mind to writing a mail post, send it to 
  • Lawrenceville address- Gwinnett Technical College, 5150 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
  • Alpharetta Address- Gwinnett Technical College, 2875 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA, 30009-2230

Connecting With GTC Dashbaord | GTC Banner


So, thanks for reading it whole GTC Dashboard Login Guide. Hope you found it informative and helpful. Researching and telling you guys about a new thing makes me honestly happy.

Drop your opinion on this article below. If you liked it, don’t forget to leave some love in the comments just below. Will see you people super soon, with something new to be revealed. Till then, stay tuned and stay safe. Stay connected. 

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