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Cost of MS in Australia

The cost of MS in Australia includes both the cost of living and studying. Australia is the third top destination for higher education, after the United States of America and the United Kingdom. However, costs can vary widely depending on the course and the type of university the student chooses. International students must provide consistent exam results to apply for a working visa.

The total cost before arrival can be AUD 1796 (INR. 93.392)including the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and visa fees.

MS in Australia costs range from AUD 20,000 to AUD 50,000 (INR 10,52,000 to INR 26,0,000) for an entire program.

Lodging includes housing, travel, food, health insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses. Living in Australia can go up to AUD 22,000 (INR 11.44,000) per year, and other expenses can range from AUD 41,064 to AUD 44,000 per year. (INR 21,35,328 to INR 22,88,000).

MS Scholarships in Australia

Australia is home to globally renowned educational institutions such as RMIT University, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Deakin University and Curtin University. The Australian government only funds the scholarships for which international students can apply. The cost of studying MS in Australia for Indian students is about 40,000 to 70,000 AUD (INR 20.80,000 to INR 36.40,000).

Some of the Popular Scholarship Awards Awarded to International Students Who Want to Pursue MS courses in Australia to be:

  • Destination Australia Scholarships
  • Australian Awards Endeavor Scholarships and Fellowships
  • International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • University Specific Scholarships
  • Australian Awards Pacific Scholarship
  • ACIAR Scholarships
  • Sydney Scholarship for International Students
  • Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships
  • Australian-American Fulbright Commission Scholarships

Australian awards are funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Scholarships can be applied for through the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS) or through the official scholarship program website.

The educational institutions offer a huge range MS courses in Australia pursue and excel. Some popular fields are:

  • data science
  • computer technology
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Digital marketing and communication
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing research
  • Technology and project management
  • Communication
  • Information Technology
  • Project management
  • business management
  • Art and culture management
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • business management
  • Nurse

Jobs After MS Courses in Australia

After completing their master’s degrees in Australia, there are a variety of job opportunities available for graduates. The Australian degree helps students get a job anywhere in the world.

Top Jobs in Australia with Average Annual Salary:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineer – 78118.93 AUD (INR 40,62,136)
  • Architect – AUD 109,000 (INR 56.68,000)
  • Aerospace Engineer – AUD 114,000 (INR 59.28,000)
  • Business Analyst – AUD 111,000 (INR 57,72,000)
  • Information Technology Manager – AUD 155,000 (INR 80.86,000)
  • CEO – AUD 204,000 (INR 1.06.08,000)
  • Bookkeeper – AUD 66,100 (INR 34,37,200)
  • Human Resources – AUD 51,000 (INR 26,52,000)
  • Sales Manager – AUD 163,000 (INR 84.76,000)
  • Physiotherapist – AUD 94,000 (INR 48.88,000)
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance – AUD 84,183 (INR 43,77,516)

Top industries to choose for employment

Australia ranks fifth in the world for having the highest average income. Business, management, STEM fields, engineering, healthcare are the main industries employing more than half of the population. Australia has a high employment rate given its low population density.

If you want stay back in Australia after your masters, you can pursue career in any industry mentioned above.

Post-study work visa options

The post-graduate work visa offered by the Australian government allows international students to study and work for up to four years after completing their education.

Extension of student visas to: stay back after masters in Australia would need the following documents:

  • Personal documents, including birth certificates, passport pages and national ID cards. CV issued by local authorities.
  • Confirmation of enrollment codes (CoE).
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) policy number, which is renewed for the student’s health assessment.
  • Personal statement for GTE (Real Temporary Participant) requirement.

You can contact the visa authorities for more information about different visa programs for international students in Australia.

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts that are subject to change depending on various conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which course is best for an MS in Australia?

A. The following courses are popular for an MS in Australia:

● Marketing and communication with stakeholders
● Consumer Behavior and Analytics
● Environmental Studies
● Finance and Business Administration
● Nursing & Healthcare
● Psychology

Q2. Is Australia expensive for masters?

A. Australia can be an expensive education destination due to its world-class facilities. But there are scholarships and other merit-based fee reduction schemes that you can opt for. However, the learning experience and other facilities provided to international students are commendable.

Q3. What is the duration of an MS in Australia?

A. The course duration of an MS in Australia is one to two years, as in most other countries. The course duration depends on the subject chosen by the student. A student can only follow a master’s degree after obtaining his bachelor’s degree.

Q4. Is MS in Australia Free?

A. No, taking MS courses in Australia is not free. The cost of studying for a masters can range from AUD 20,000 to AUD 500,000 which is about INR 9,41,000 to 23.53,000. The actual fee will depend on the college chosen for your degree.

V5. What is the cheapest university in Australia?

A. Top educational institutions in Australia offer many scholarships. The most affordable universities in Australia are:

● University of Divinity
● University of the Sunshine Coast
● Queensland University of Technology
Charles Darwin University
● Victoria University
● Torrens University
● Australian Catholic University
● University of Wollongong
●Federation University Australia
● University of New England

Q6. Is there an age limit for pursuing MS in Australia?

A. There is no age limit for taking MS courses in Australia, although 45 was the previous age limit. But that rule was scrapped in 2017. Anyone with a 60% bachelor’s degree is therefore eligible for a master’s degree of their choice.

Q7. Can I study for an MBA in Australia for free?

A. It is highly unlikely that you will be pursuing an MBA, more commonly known as a Master of Business Administration, without tuition. But being able to apply for scholarships and awards can marginally reduce the cost of your education and living expenses.

Q8. Is it easy to get admission to a masters degree in Australia?

A. Yes, you can apply through the official portal of the university website. Or you can apply with the help of agencies and organizations that help international students. MS in Australia can be easily completed by earning scholarships.

Question 9 How do I get a masters degree in Australia?

A. Taking MS courses in Australia can be quite easy after arranging the visa process and interview. Receive scholarships and awards to complete the training for free or have it partially covered by the state. Affordable studying is essential for smooth completion of the degree/course.

Q10. Which master’s degree is most valuable in Australia?

A. Some valuable masters programs in Australia are offered in the following disciplines:

● Consumer Behavior and Analytics
● Environmental Studies
●Engineering and data science
● Finance and Business Administration
● Nursing & Healthcare
● Computers
● Jurisprudence and Humanities
● Science and Medicine
● Social Sciences

Q11. Is GRE required for MS in Australia?

A. GRE, more commonly known as Graduate Record Examinations, is necessary to take masters courses in Australia. It tests analytical thinking, English intellectual skills, and other skills necessary for graduate-level studies. Many international students take a joint exam for comparison and ranking purposes. While it is not a required exam, some top universities also require GRE scores. And yet it can add value to your resume.

Q12. How to Apply for an MS in Australia?

A. You can apply for an MS course in Australia by completing the individual universities application form. You can do that by visiting the official Australian universities website. You can also enlist the help of academic counselors at upGrad Abroad to gain admission to an MS course in Australia.

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