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The Blackboard is a futuristic tool, a boon to the Education Sector today. But technology is fruitful when it is accessible. So, welcome to friends. Greetings from us. The aim to write this article is to provide you some valuable information about Blackboard login. Just go through our other Blackboard Login blogs as well. Today, this blog you’re reading is about MDC Blackboard Login. It is containing simple methods through which one can get the most out of Blackboard Portal.

How to Login MDC Blackboard? 

MDC Blackboard Login

 So before turning to the login steps for the portal, better to get you informed that no one not enrolled in the college can go for the MDC Blackboard login process. You should be enrolled, whether it be for trial classes. Then, you cannot directly login to MDC Blackboard. You should firstly get yourself registered on the portal to proceed to the login page. Begin with registration, let’s get on login afterward.

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Registering on MDC Blackboard

MDC Blackboard Login

 1. Firstly, visit the official MDC Blackboard portal link after getting access to the internet connection on your device.

 2. Then at the bottom of the page >> you’ll find Create Your Student Account option >>Click there. 

 3. You will be directed to the Account registration page. The link to the registration page is here.

MDC Blackboard

 4. On the page, scroll down reading the content, and proceed with the blue button Continue. 

 5. You’ll find the User Verification Interface page. 

 6. Input your Student ID or SSN, name, and date of birth. Click on continue again. 

MDC Blackboard

 7. Ensure entering all genuine details. Continue and thereafter you’ll get Login Password and ID. 

 8. Note those credentials as they’ll help you in the Blackboard Login process.

Login On MDC Blackboard

 1. Open the official website portal of MDC Blackboard Login again.

 2. After getting redirected to the page, just use your stored credentials and enter the User ID and password. 

MDC Blackboard

 3. You can subscribe to newsletter and cookies if you’re a student as it’ll help you get personally notified. 

 4. On the bottom center of the page, navigate to the blue login button. 

 5. Hit that login button and continue. 

 6. You’ll reach the user dashboard then where you can access much of your learning material virtually.

Access course content:

  • To access the course content available online through MDC Blackboard, just firstly login to your account. 
  • After getting on the dashboard, view all your classes by selecting Courses on the top. 
  • Proceed with the My Courses option there. 
  • Hit the Menu tab and you’ll see all the content available online. 
  • How to get back to the syllabus? Just go for the getting started option.

Reset Forgotten MDC Blackboard Password:

MDC Blackboard forgotten password


1. Open the Official MDC ACCOUNT Tools login page link. (Click Here: 

 2. Go for- Forgot Username or Password. 

MDC Blackboard

 3. Choose your desired category. 

 4. Here, let’s choose the Reset Forgotten password. 

 5. Enter your college ID, SSN, User name, DOB, and password. 

 6. Select change password then. 

MDC Blackboard

 7. Your password reset request is filed. You’ll get an email with a reset link with some duration after which the link expires. 

 8. Just enter a new password through the link and you’re done. 

 9. Your password is restored. Try to go for Passwords which you’re able to remember.

Tricks for a better Blackboard experience:

  • For better features and accessible experience, mobile users can use Blackboard Application. The link to download is given below.
  • If you don’t want to download any application, then you can easily bookmark the website URL on your device. The portal will be convenient for you when saved. 
  • Online Syllabus can be accessed by online resources. Having any queries? You can simply contact your instructor as the contact details will be available on the syllabus itself. 
  • To make the whole out of Blackboard, you can easily explore everything new you find there. Spending time there will make you learn and grow.

How to contact MDC?

 Live Chat Support-

  •  Email for raising query-
  •  Helpline number- 3052373800
  •  Address line for mail-in:
  •  300 NE Second Ave, Miami, FL 33132, United States of America.

About MDC

  • MDC stands for Miami Dade College. 
  • This is a public university started in 1959. 
  • Situated in Miami Dade County, it has over 100,000 enrollments making it the largest college in Florida. 
  • It has over 6K academic staff to ensure proper learning standards. 
  • It has eight campuses while the first being the north one. 
  • It is often mentioned as the second biggest college in the United Nations.


 So, it was our step to spread awareness towards the digitalization of education, by telling you about Blackboard login. Liked it? Don’t forget to leave some love just below in the comments. See you soon, with fists full of resolving answers to questions in your head. Till then, stay tuned and stay safe. Stay learning.

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