MS in Switzerland for Indian Students

Switzerland offers a broad spectrum of world-class master’s degrees. Taking a master’s degree in Switzerland for Indian students is an ambitious dream. Swiss universities allow students to study at internationally renowned centers of education and research. As a hub of education, Switzerland has a wide range of academic programs to offer in every field and in different languages.

The Universities in Switzerland for MS giving someone access to the resources and expertise of high-quality education and learning programs. If you want to get an MS in Switzerland you must be aware of all the programs offered by universities in SwitzerlandDifferent disciplines such as fashion, language management, economics, business and engineering are taught.

This article contains everything you need to know, including the universities, requirements and MS costs in Switzerland.

Why study MS in Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for its natural beauty, cultural diversity and high quality of life. Moreover, the country is referred to as the center of research worldwide due to its outward-looking education system.

Here are some common reasons that attract students from all over the world to pursue master’s degrees in Switzerland;

  • 9 universities in Switzerland are included in the QS world ranking.
  • Universities in Switzerland offer various exchange programs that allow you to study all over Europe and beyond.
  • With a high quality education system, Swiss universities offer internationally recognized degrees that ultimately boost one’s career.
  • The Swiss Universities have a wide spectrum of Masters in Switzerland including Applied Sciences, Business and Management, International Affairs, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Interaction Design, Engineering, International Relations, International Hospitality Business, Communications, Finance, Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation, and international business. While studying MS in Switzerland one can opt for full-time, part-time and online studies to suit one’s individual needs.
  • Investments in education and research are the highest in Switzerland of all European countries. The country ranks fourth in terms of the highest number of Nobel Prizes per capita, with 27 laureates so far. Switzerland has the highest number of registered patents in all of Europe and is recognized worldwide for its research.
  • As Switzerland is a full-time member of EU research and education programmes, Switzerland’s researchers are very successful in attracting EU funding.
  • Switzerland focuses on active student learning and offers research opportunities in a vibrant and dynamic environment. The high proportion of foreign students is proof of this.
  • The best of MS in Switzerland is the language of the course and instructions here are in English. Nearly 200+ master’s courses are taught in the English language.
  • Studying in Switzerland is affordable. The annual tuition costs are approximately USD 11000 (INR 800,000).

Requirements for MS in Switzerland

Language Requirements

The spoken language in Switzerland varies from region to region. French, Italian, German and Romansh are the common languages ​​spoken in the different regions of the country. Although several master’s programs in Switzerland have so far been taught in English, you should check the language of instruction at that particular university and ensure that you have essential language skills if you apply for non-English master’s programs.

Education requirements.

MS in Switzerland for Indian Students requires the candidates to have a relevant undergraduate degree. Since most programs are English, one must prove their English proficiency by providing IELTS or TOEFL scores. Both tests assess a person’s reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in the English language.

Visa Requirements

There are two types of Swiss study visas available;

  1. C-visa – for short-term courses lasting up to three months.
  2. D visa – for courses lasting more than three months.

To apply for a Switzerland study visa, one must have specific documents including an age certificate, proof of enrollment in a university of Switzerland for MS, monetary proof of the ability to cover all costs while studying course, etc.

The approval of a Swiss study visa can take one or two months; therefore, it is suggested that you apply for it as early as possible once you have been admitted to a university.

Cost of MS in Switzerland

MS costs in Switzerland vary depending on the course and university you choose. Here are the cost details of MS in Switzerland for Indian students. The costs include:

MS Tuition Fees in Switzerland

Public universities charge very low fees compared to private institutes. In general, tuition fees for MS in Switzerland can range from 3,000 to 13,000 CHF (INR 243,000 – 1,053,000). The Swiss universities that offer management courses in masters are quite expensive and the cost can range from CHF 30,000 to 85,000 (INR 2,400,000 – 6,885,000). Students who come to follow MS in Switzerland as part of an exchange program do not have to pay tuition fees.

Cost of living in Switzerland

The academic year in Switzerland runs from mid-September to June, the best year, with certain semesters from September to December and then from February to June. Most master’s degrees here involve three or four semesters of study. So you will be registered between one and a half or two years.

So the duration of the MS course in Switzerland is generally 1-2 years. Switzerland is one of the world’s richest and most expensive countries; therefore, to live there, a student needs a budget of about EUR 1,300-1,700 (INR 1, 11,270 – 1, 45,516) per month. Here is a brief overview of the average cost of living in Switzerland:


Cost (approx.)

Accommodation (Rent) 400-800 EUR per month (INR 34,226 – 70,000)
Utilities 220-250 EUR per month (INR 18,824 – 21,391)
Monthly transport pass EUR 74 (INR 6.330)
1 liter of milk EUR 1.45 (INR 124)
Bread EUR 2.60 (INR 246)
Meal in a cheap restaurant 23 EUR (INR 1,968)

Top Universities in Switzerland for MS

The Popular and Most Prominent Universities in Switzerland for MS and their QS World University Rankings 2022

  • University of Bern – #119
  • University of Zurich – #70
  • University of Geneva- #105
  • Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne – #14
  • University of Lausanne- #176
  • University of Gallen #=459
  • University of Basel – #138
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich or ETH Zurich – # 8

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