Part Time Jobs in Switzerland for Indian Students

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How to find a part-time job in Switzerland?

Despite immigration policy restrictions to work, finding part-time jobs in Switzerland for Indian students (or an international student) is not that hard if you choose to be determined. Here are some guidelines for finding part-time work in Switzerland:

1. Via the Internet

In general, students in Switzerland find part-time work through career and employment websites. Social media is also a good support in finding a job for international students. You can also take advantage of the various job boards including –, JobScout24, Indeed, etc.

2. Via university

Often work opportunities in Switzerland come through your networks. University professors and fellow students are a big help in finding part-time jobs. Some universities also facilitate their students in job search through job boards. University campuses in Switzerland also have on-campus work opportunities, including in libraries or gyms.

3. Through recruitment centers

Switzerland has several private organizations to facilitate the job search that aim to help Switzerland’s rich industrial landscape find valuable and efficient young talent. It can be a good start to contact such agencies. You can visit them online or offline, and they will help you find the right opportunity that will match your limitations and skills and boost your growth at the same time.

Types of part-time jobs in Switzerland with minimum wage

Switzerland has no official minimum wage rules. However, the average minimum wage is around 23 CHF (1,863 INR) per hour. The law in Switzerland contains clauses on minimum compensation for employees that depend on the skills and expertise of the employee. Currently, wages range between CHF 2,200-4,200 (178,200 – 340,200 INR) per month for freshmen and CHF 2,800-5,300 (226,800 – 429,300 INR) for experienced and skilled workers.

Here is the following list of some of the best part-time jobs in Switzerland for students one can find while attending college.

1. Campus guide

As mentioned, the universities in Switzerland also offer plenty of opportunities to only work part-time on campus. Campus guide is one of them. You are expected to provide an enjoyable visiting experience to prospective students and their families in this job. To become a tour guide, you must have strong communication skills.

2 Call center employee

International students find this job excellent for supporting themselves financially while attending a university in Switzerland as it complies with their weekly working time rules.

3. English teachers

This is a prominent part time job in Switzerland for English speakers because they can tutor children.

4 Freelance Employee

The popularity of freelance work is growing, and Switzerland is no different. Students in Switzerland can take content writing jobs if they have the writing skills, become part-time social media managers, or take on other flexible roles.

Apart from these, some other typical part-time jobs in Switzerland for students are a waiter in a restaurant or as a domestic worker in hotels, delivery partner, part-time security guard, just to name a few.


Q1. Are there part-time jobs available while studying in Switzerland?

A. Yes. Part-time jobs in Switzerland are available while studying. But before applying for part-time jobs, it is better to have an overview of your syllabus as you need to have a perfect balance between your studies and work.

Q2. Is it easy to get a part-time job in Switzerland?

A. Not easy, but it’s not that difficult to find a side job for students in Switzerland Students with good networking skills and the right approach often find work easily.

Q3. Do newbies get jobs in Switzerland?

A. Yes, freshmen can get the job in Switzerland, but you must be an active learner and meet the criteria for the job requirements.

Q4. How much can a student in Switzerland earn working part time?

A. Switzerland has no official minimum wage rules; however, the average minimum wage is around 23 CHF (1,863 INR) per hour.

V5. Can I cover my study and living expenses through part-time jobs in Switzerland?

A. You may not be able to cover 100% of your education and living expenses by working part-time. But can manage expenses very well with some side income. Working an hour will get you at least 23 CHF (1,863 INR), that high per month, and you can easily cover a lot of your expenses

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