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While this article must be containing the most-heard name, Pima Blackboard Login. The topic we’re going to puzzle and conclude is a guide to Pima Blackboard Login. Quite knowing that we’ve much to talk about, let’s start to get on the first section of this blog. 

About Pima College | Pima Blackboard Portal:

  • – Pima College is often abbreviated as PCC, which stands for Public Community College. 
  • – This college is located in Pima County of Arizona.
  • – Pima College also offers Pima Blackboard Login services for all the Pima Community College Students. 
  • – This college provides its services to the metropolitan area of Tucson. 
  • – This college features over 144 programs through both online and on-campus methods. 
  • – Today, PCC is the biggest Community College in the allover US having a multi-campus system. 
  • – With five campuses and four education centers, it ranks about fourth to tenth in the country. 
  • – This college is often locally known by the name of Aztecs. 
  • – As per the research, the university has over 70,000 enrollments in one year. 
  • – The chancellor of Pima College is Lee Lambert. 

Why Pima Blackboard? | Blackboard Pima Login

Pima Blackboard Login

There are thousands of colleges online, and everyone must have this question in mind… Why Pima? As we can go for any other too.  Below are some major characteristics of Pima Blackboard which you’d like to know about.

Just scroll:

  1. The college provides a separate section of Student resources which is the Pima Blackboard Login Portal from which anyone can be enrolled or future students will be aware of what they ensure you. 
  2. Here, you can even get help regarding which program to choose, when to schedule the classes, and lastly Career Support Services. 
  3. There are support facilities for students who are differently-abled as per their documents.
  4. Participation in student organizations will evolve you. Clubs and campus connections will make you involved with your classmates. 
  5. Access and disability resources are given to students with disabilities. You can even get academic advising in case you need so. 
  6. At Pima Blackboard Counselling services are also available. Students somewhere feel low, most often when far from home. You can even look for graduation options here. 
  7. Student activities and services will get you quality education along with total development as an individual.
  8. Student Policies and Complaints will let you know about what students are expected to do and what not. 
  9. In academic support to students, the college provides Library, Tutoring, and testing centers.
  10. Student support services include a long list of services such as health, wellness and safety, careers and internships, transportation, bookstores and cafes, veterans centers, transcripts, and computing resources. 
  11. Additional information on the student’s page lists voter information as well as customer information. 

Necessities To Login On Pima Blackboard:

Pima Blackboard

Blackboard requires some essential details, without which login cannot be completed. So, let’s get a quick glance at the details listed just below. If you’re here not to just read out but to login to your Pima blackboard account, then make sure you have all these requirements mentioned here-

1. Network Connection and a device:

  • A device which you own so that you can study anywhere. Data access for getting you connected with all your classmates and instructors. 

2. Enrollment In Pima: 

  • Yes, before you get here to log in to your Pima account you should ensure that you’ve enrolled in the university. 

3. Login Credentials

  • By enrollment, you’ll get your login details from the college. Keep your login details handy and safe. 

4. Browser:

  • You’ll need a browser that the Pima college portal supports. So that you can easily log in from the browser itself.

5. Blackboard Application

If you’re using it on a mobile phone or tablet, then you can download the Blackboard application from any app store. 

6. Pima Blackboard Application

  • Download the PCC application to get the most of your account.

    The link is given below: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blackboardmobile.unifyed.pima

Pima Blackboard Login: Step By Step Guide

Login completes in some simple steps if you have all the required details. So, just scroll and re-check if you have everything listed above. So you’re here to login, then just swipe and see the steps for login which are quite simple to complete in minutes. 

1. Firstly, after ensuring a working Internet, just open the browser in which you’d like to login. 

2. Search Pima blackboard login and select the very first result.

The link to the page to reach is given below: https://online.pmi.edu/

3. On the opened interface, you’ll see the Pima logo and page as in the image below. 

Pima Medical Institute

4. Now, as soon as you realize it as a login page just enter your username in the white blank below Username. 

5. Then, enter your password as given by the college after enrollment. 

6. Check these credentials again. As one wrong letter might get your account blocked after multiple logins. 

7. Click the white Sign In button now. 

8. You’ll be redirected to the dashboard of your Blackboard account then. Login procedure completes here. 

Password Reset for Pima Blackboard

Yes, we all do generally forget. Forgetting a password isn’t a crime. And so, portals do generally offer reset Services to recover accounts and passwords easily. Below are the steps you should follow to recover your forgotten password for Pima blackboard. Go through them:

1. Follow the first two steps as in the login process. 

2. After reaching the portal, move the cursor down towards the sign-in button. 

3. You’ll see a Forgot password option, click there. 

Pima Blackboard Login

4. On reaching the next webpage, you’ll see two options to recover your password. 

5. You can go for any of these methods, by email address or by username. 

Pima Blackboard Login

6. Choose as per your convenience and enter your first and last name. 

7. Enter the required details, then hit submit. 

8. Check your email account provided. Here, you’ll see your new password. 

9. Click on that mail and verify your ID.

10. After verification, the password reset procedure finishes here. 

Pima Blackboard Login Support: 

  • You can contact them by making a call on 520-206-4500. 
  • Their toll-free number is 1-800-860-PIMA. 
  • If you want to mail them, write them to
  • If you want to ask something, write it to https://www.pima.edu/request-info/index.html
  • Their address to receive posts is 4905 East Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85709-1010
  • If you want help regarding Blackboard, submit it to http://repo.pmi.edu/support/support.php

Get In Touch With Pima Blackboard College:

  • Follow their Facebook handle by https://www.facebook.com/pimacccd
  • Read their tweets here https://twitter.com/pimatweets
  • Subscribe to them on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/PimaCCvideos
  • Join them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/pima_cc/


That’s it for today. Pima County Community College Blackboard Login is quite simple. The services the college offers are also worth it. Don’t forget to leave some love down. Here we wrap up. See you soon in our next blog. Hope you like it more than our last one. Till the next blog, stay safe and stay tuned. Stay connected

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