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Of all the European countries to study abroad, Spain is arguably one of the most underrated. Studying in Spain offers a high-quality education that matches global standards and various postgraduate options. When it comes to studying abroad, Spain may not be the preferred choice right away, but it should be seriously considered. One of the reasons is the availability of Spanish Scholarships for Indian Students

A scholarship is a monetary reward awarded to an individual on the basis of need or merit. It could be related to your current financial status or your major. The amount of a scholarship varies and can come from a variety of sources, including the government.

There are many scholarships available in Spain for Indian students. Many colleges and universities provide scholarships in the form of tuition waivers or financial aid. The government also offers several scholarships. The fastest way to apply for one is to visit and check the official website of the program how to get a scholarship to study in spain.

Various Scholarships to Study in Spain for Indian Students

The Spanish government offers a limited number and variety of scholarships for postgraduate students. The Spanish Ministry of Education funds and manages these programmes. Several organizations offer private scholarships, many of which are aimed at specific groups.

Scholarships offered by Spain’s public and private universities vary from one academic session to another. At the same time, the value of the student’s material aid kicks in. It covers most of the tuition fees. While some of these scholarships are available to all students, others may be available to those belonging to underrepresented communities.

Scholarships to Study in Spain for Indian Students

Here is a list of some Spanish Scholarships for Indian Students

1. Spanish Studies Abroad Merit-Based Scholarship

2. Global Experiences Generation Study Abroad Scholarship

3. CIEE Scholarships and Scholarships

4. UIC Barcelona Scholarship

5. European University of the Atlantic

6. Erasmus Mundus grant

Spanish Studies Abroad Financial Aid

Since 2001, Spanish Studies Abroad has provided approximately $2.30,000 in scholarships for academic programs in Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Argentina through its two awards, the Merit-Based Scholarship and the Diversity Scholarship. In a 400- to 500-word essay, a student is awarded the merit-based scholarship to Spain for sharing a personal essay discussing their passion for learning Spanish and how their journey to develop the new language skills has been so far .

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Global Experiences Generation Study Abroad Scholarship

Scholarships are available for both the summer and fall semesters. Applications are now open for the summer and fall of 2021 and 2022. Full scholarships are offered for semester-long programs, with a special focus on underrepresented students. Global Experience offers scholarships to individuals who receive a Pell Grant or a Benjamin A. Gillman grant for in-person and virtual programs.

CIEE Scholarships and Scholarships

The CIEE’s need-based scholarships help students who are unable to study abroad due to financial constraints. CIEE awards need-based scholarships based on students’ EFCs and program choices. The Gilman Go Global Grant provides students with airfare worth $750-$2,000 and $2,500 for semester program fees or $1,000 for summer program fees.

UIC Barcelona Scholarship

The people of all nationalities are eligible for UIC International Excellence Scholarship. The scheme provides a 20% waiver on the academic costs of the approved program.

European University of the Atlantic

Up to 20 undergraduate students receive funding from the European University of the Atlantic. The scholarship covers full tuition fees.

Getting a Scholarship to Study in Spain: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips toscholarship for Indian students in Spain

1. Get Help

2. Get to know the details of all the Spanish Scholarships for Indian Students

3. Carefully read the application guidelines

4. Contact the grant/grant funder directly

5. Polish your resume

6. Check your references

7. Keep track of scholarship deadlines

8. Work on your grades

9. The proof is in the passion; therefore distinguish yourself from other applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it difficult to get a scholarship in Spain?

A. Obtaining a scholarship to study in Spain can be difficult and demanding. However, you should start early and prepare for the scholarship requirements. Scholarships for independent research in Spain include the Spanish Studies Abroad Merit-Based Scholarship, the International Studies Abroad (ISA) Diversity Scholarship, and the Fulbright Program.

Q2. Can I get a full scholarship to study in Spain?

A. The European Atlantic University provides funding for up to 20 undergraduate students. The scholarship covers 100% tuition fees.

Q3. Do I need to take out health insurance to study in Spain?

A. You must have health insurance to study in Spain as it is a student visa mandate. So if you need a student visa to enter Spain, you also need health insurance.

Q4. Which cities in Spain are the cheapest and most expensive?

A. Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza and Madrid are among the most expensive cities in Spain. Córdoba, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela and Alicante, on the other hand, are some of the cheapest cities in Spain.

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