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Here’s the introduction to the University of Arkansas located in Little Rock. It is a popular cosmopolitan investigation university. It is known to provide a convenient, high-quality education. That’s possible with resilient learning and unique internship openings from the University of Arkansas with the help of UALR blackboard

University of Arkansas Little Rock aims at preparing more than 9,000 scholars that wish to be innovators and efficient administrators in their respective domains. The mission of this university is that it has a driving authority in Little Rock’s flourishing educational alliance. It serves as an important element of the city. Along with that, it influences the state’s rising profile as a provincial leader in the fields of research, economic advancement, technology alteration, and job formulation.

UALR Blackboard | How to login at UALR Blackboard Portal?

UALR Blackboard Login

Are you aware of the University of Arkansas blackboard or UALR Blackboard ? Well, let me tell you a blackboard is an e-learning education supervision software. This software is handled by instructors to develop and maintain their online classes. It can also be obtained by logging into the myUALR portal.

How to Login to UALR Blackboard

University of Arkansas
  • First, visit the official page of UALR Blackboard:
  • Then, go to the Quick Links menu and click on it from the official ULAR Page.
  • Next, type your NetID and password in the official Login page.
  • After that, click on the login button and access your student account from the ULAR Blackboard portal.

Now, you might be thinking what is this NetID. Don’t worry we’re explaining you in detail.

What is a NetID? | How to Register for NetID?

NetID is the official authentication ID of the UALR Blackboard user. With the help of this ID, you can gain access to UALR Blackboard by logging into the myUALR portal. In addition to that, you can also use this ID to obtain the on-campus wireless interface from your PC or laptop. Also, you can utilize BOSS to control your NetID and the password.

How To Get Your NetID?

ualr login

In case you don’t get your UALR Blackcoard NetID, you can simply watch it up BOSS with the help of these steps:

  1. Get your T-Number to log in to Boss.
  2. Pick the click here option to get the continue link that is located at the end of some significant dates.
  3. Then, click on the personal data tab.
  4. Choose on the list accounts and then, click on to change passwords from the menu.
  5. Find your NetID in the record of usernames.

How to Change your NetID Password? | Change UALR Blackboard Password


In case you don’t remember or have forgotten your NetID password, then you don’t need to worry as you can modify your password in Boss. All you need to do is make sure that your password is easy and memorable. Keep in mind that your password should have at least eight characters which should include at least one alphabetic character, and one punctuation character or one numeric digit.

Follow these steps to Change your Password

  1. First, check your NetID password in Boss.
  2. Click on the check box. Select the change password option in the username column.
UALR Student Login
  1. Here, in the new password column, you need to enter your new password. While entering make sure that you fulfill the password requirements and enter the password accurately.
  2. After that, enter the equivalent password in the confirm password field. Note: Avoid copying and pasting your password.
  3. Last, click on the change password option located in the picked systems button. Then, it will direct you to a page instructing that the request has been presented and is under process.

Basic Use of UALR Blackboard

For the scholars at UALR, you can utilize Blackboard for each semester. This helps in accessing all the online courses.

In every semester, in the first week, the staff conducts orientation gatherings to encourage scholars to acquire the basics and study and submit exams and assignments on time through blackboard. 

There are online sources with the help of which you can learn and be protected with the interface and tools of Blackboard. Also, the students can get access to their respective courses in “Blackboard Student Orientation”.

UALR Support Contact

Facing troubles in logging in to Blackboard? Unable to resolve NetID and password changes in Boss? Then, all you need to do is contact the IT Services Help Desk @ 501.916.3011

Here, you can get relevant answers to your queries. Just submit a guidance request in case you encounter any technical issues while logging into the blackboard. 

How to Get Started with UALR Blackboard?

UALR Login

New to blackboard or e-learning? Then, take a fresh start with the different options for orientation at UA Little Rock with Blackboard.

  • Examine Student Orientation courses in Blackboard

Searching for self-paced tools available to check Blackboard courses. Then, go to Blackboard Organization Catalog and then, log into Blackboard Organization Catalog. Perform search operations for “Blackboard Student Orientation.” 

  • Go to an online synchronized orientation seminar

Every semester, the staff of UA Little Rock conducts a set of workshops for pupils. It gives basic information to individuals about Blackboard to get support while starting with online courses. These workshops are directed implicitly and equipped toward new pupils with no former knowledge of the system.

  • Enroll in the following Virtual Student Success Workshop

The purpose of the Virtual Student Success Workshop is to provide pupils with the tools for success. It enables learners to communicate with faculty members and staff and establish a connection with their rivals. If you’re new to e-learning then Virtual Student Success Workshop for guiding.

FAQ | UALR Blackboard Support

Q1. Which browser we can use to access Blackboard?

Ans: Scholars can use Mozilla Firefox to access UA Little Rock’s Blackboard that works best.

Q2. When can we access the Blackboard courses?

Ans: Students can’t access their Blackboard courses till the first day of their semester.

Q3. When the dates present in my course list are different from the semester?

AnThis happens when the professor is updating the list of courses in Blackboard. Then, go through them and renew your course list. Then, the dates will shift to follow the prevailing semester results.

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