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Learning is evidence of growth in human life. No, learning in this statement doesn’t mean academic studies. Recalling that studies in schools and colleges are a way towards a better life, not themselves a better life.

By studying, a human being widens its opinion, not just on topics but towards life, and emerges to become a better human. And so, hence it’s proved that studies whether it be of school or college play a significant role.

These studies have the power to turn the whole world into a better place in a simple yet effective way. Welcome to Blackboard, greetings from us friends. Getting back to your topic, school, and college both institutions play a vital role in our lives.

Talking about college, college login is the way to study today in these pandemic times. But the question stood straight… How to log in? The topic we’re going to discuss today is WCC Blackboard Login. If you’re a student or will be at WCC, this article is just for you to find all the important information on a single article.

So, read it whole without skipping. 

WCC Customer Service:

  • All other countries: (207) 552-3028
  • ForCanada: (800) 349-9130
  • Forthe USA: (207) 552-3051
  • TTY: 800545-0090
  • For theU.S. and Canada: (800) 441-5713

What do we need for WCC Blackboard Login? 

Something which you do have already. Just read them below:

1. Mobile with Internet Access

  • It’s one of the most mandatory things. While you can log in with other devices as well. 

2. Enrollment in WCC

  • For login and registration, you need to be enrolled in the university first. 

3. Login Credentials

  • After enrollment, you’ll be provided with so. 

4. Browser

  • If you don’t want to use any application, use a Browser. 

5. Blackboard Application

  • If you won’t use Browser, you can download the application. 

6. WCC Application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cutcom.apparmor.wccnet

How to Register For WCC Blackboard Login? 

It’s quite easy but the time-taking process. Keep in mind that in order to get your WCC Blackboard credentials, you must first register. In case you have your credentials, you can skip these steps. 

1. Open your phone Browser. Visit the official portal of WCC. The link to it is given below. 

Visit this Link: https://www.wccnet.edu/

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find the Blackboard option. Click there.

3. On the next page, you’ll see the login portal for WCC, but right now we’re there to register. 

4. So, click on that Don’t have a netID, Set one up. 

5. On the interface now, just enter the information asked for your name, WCC ID number, and DOB.

6. Then, hit the continue button below. 

7. Create or think of a strong password. Enter the password then. Note that this password should be remembered by you for login. 

8. Choose security questions and answer them. In case of password reset, they’ll help you. 

9. If you face any issues, feel free to contact helpline number- 734-973-3543. 

10. After selecting the submit button, the college will tell you your netID, note that carefully. 

11. Registration is done. You can go for the login steps now. 

Blackboard Login

WCC Blackboard Login: Step By Step Guide

To log in, you’ll have to firstly enroll in the college and then register. Afterward, you can follow the steps below to access your account anywhere and anytime. 

Step 1: Open the browser from your device. 

Step 2: Visit the official portal of WCC. Scroll down until it reaches the bottom of the webpage. 

Step 3: You’ll find the Blackboard option in the helpful links section. Click that.

Step 4: You’ll be again redirected to the WCC Blackboard login page. The link is given below. 


Step 5: Now, you’ll have to enter your netID and Password as in the registration process. 

Step 6: Now, click on the login button below. You’ll be redirected to the dashboard with the correct credentials. 

Step 7: The login process completes here. 

WCC Blackboard Login

What if you forgot your password or NetID for WCC Blackboard Login? 

No issues. It’s quite easy to reset them. Follow the steps below. 

1. Follow the first three steps as in the login process. 

2. Reaching the Login page, just click on your concerned issue whether it be Forgot password or forgot netID. 

3. Then, enter your name, DOB and WCC ID. 

4. Click the button below, then answer the security questions. 

5. Your new password will be sent to the provided email address. Check that and reset.

WCC Login

About WCC Blackboard | Washtenew Community College Login 

WCC Cmmunity Login
  • WCC is a general abbreviation for the Washtenaw Community College. 
  • As the name suggests, it’s a public community college established in 1965. 
  • This college is located at Ann Arbor Charter township in Michigan. 
  • As per some reliable sources, the college has over 20,000 students enrolled from the time it was founded.
  • As per the research, it has over 2k students complete their academic studies every year.
  • The Suburban campus of WCC is spread over 291 acres.
  • The president of the university is Dr. Rose Bellanca. 
  • The college offers a wide variety of programs in different fields, more than 130 at present. 
  • The university is even authorized by the Higher learning commission. 

What does WCC Blackboard Do for the University Students?

There are many features that every enrolled student gets from the college, but here we’re to shortlist them and tell you about the main ones:

  • For future aspirants seeking admission to the university, the university has specially developed a section where you can apply for admission, request more information, find a guide on how to apply, about career options, and Support. With training and certifications, orientation, and assessments for entrance. 
  • To hire students from WCC, then you can easily opt to choose business and industry options. It contains points like recruitment at WCC, development of your workforce, growth in small-scale businesses, and hosting an event with WCC. 
  • Talking about WCC Community, it stands for affordability in education. Attempts are made to support small businesses at the best and state-of-the-art facilities, it makes its way towards economic success. 
  • Specializations of the college expand to Transportation, Cybersecurity, Transfer, and many more. 
  • The online Academic Learning list is quite lengthy. Around 30 degrees, over 100 certification courses, and many more. You can choose between on-demand courses or classroom courses at your convenience. 
  • Most of the programs are centered on topics like Business, Media, Digital art, General studies, Computer technology, and Human Services. 
  • Online Learning features are moreover fun here. Your studies won’t get interrupted by three resources, advising, tutoring, and lastly coaching. So what are you waiting for? Check Computer requirements, schedule class, and discover your learning level now. 
  • You can even pay for your college with some help from them in the form of scholarships, loans, work-study, and many more options. 
  • Spend less, save more. Actually, you’ll get the lowest priced tuition from WCC which will amaze you with the quality of education provided. 
  • No, WCC vows to turn you successful not by just educating you, but by landing you to your dream job. Career guidance also available from the college. 

WCC Support | WCC Community College Customer Service

WCC Blackboard
  • Reach their Student Welcome center by making a phone at 734-973-3543. 
  • Fill the form below for suggestions and questions- https://washtenawcommunitycollege.formstack.com/forms/contact_us 
  • For public safety, just make a call anytime at 734-973-3411 or mail them at  
  • For any information, drop a mail at  
  • You can phone them at +17349733300. 
  • Their address to receive mail post – 4800 E. Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105-4800. 

Get In Touch with WCC by:

  • Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/washtenawcc/ 
  • Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/WashtenawCC/
  • YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/washtenawcc 
  • LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/school/washtenawcc/ 
  • Twitter- https://twitter.com/washtenawcc 
  • Flickr- https://www.flickr.com/photos/washtenawcc/


Thanks for reading. The WCC Blackboard Login article wraps up here. Hope you’ve found it helpful and informative. Having any queries? Comment down so. Don’t forget to leave some love in the comments section downside. See you soon in our next article. Till then, stay tuned and stay safe. Stay Studying. 

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